Introducing the Alex & Whitney Store!

We are really rolling in 2017. So much so that we basically decided to open up a shop. “Wait, what? Don’t you already have an Etsy shop?”  Well, the Etsy shop and this blog simply share a name. Which is why we decided to change the name of our blog since Whitney’s Etsy shop and this blog have morphed into 2 entities. Since both Alex & Whitney contribute to this blog and it’s really about them fighting through the early stage of adulthood, what better name than Alex & Whitney!

The shop consists of mainly typography, featuring our favorite sayings. We may branch out of the business of “words” but for now, we hope you grab a shirt and have a laugh. So go ahead. Check out our shop! And share it with all your friends.

Alex&Whitney Blog Shop



Fall 2016 Items are HERE!

Image result for fall iconsHello! Have you had a PSL yet? Because I’ve had like 200 already and I could not be more ready for fall this year. This summer was brutally hot and all I wanted were cozy knits, pumpkin spice everything, and halloween movies. I spent all summer conjuring up ideas for new items to add to my Etsy Shop and with more misses than hits, I finally have a few new items for you all! My  goal for this season was simplicity. While I love me a good fair isle, I wanted a more simple design featured in my shop.

I have some super chunky, double knit, long scarves offered in 4 winter-y colors- cream, light grey, dark grey, and pepper. Check out the light grey one here. These have no tassels so you can wrap them around you for extra warmth and tuck in the ends so the scarf stays put. It’s super versatile and my favorite design this season.

3 of the 4 color options for my favorite double knit scarf

Next I have some simple crochet infinity scarves and cowls. They are the same pattern but one is a simple over-the-head cowl and another is the infinity scarf which can be wrapped around twice for a snug fit. These are offered in all my 9 colors (see color option on any listing). Check out the oatmeal one here.

light grey crochet infinity scarf

I have also brought back some favorites from the past season so be sure to take a look at everything in my shop! I also still have 4 weavings left. Those make the perfect gift for anyone!


Please enjoy 25% off your entire order with the code HELLOFALL16 from now until September 10th.

Happy Fall everyone!



Fashion Flashback

It’s Sunday and we’re feeling nostalgic! We decided to bring back a bit of our past and laugh about it…. or cry. Or both.

We’re 99% sure the 90s / early 2000s was the worst era for fashion and trust us when we say we’ve not only lived through it but we participated. We are guilty consumers of these terrible fashion styles. Alex with her popcorn shirts and Whitney with her neon Limited TOO outfits……….Now, normally we would include personal pictures so we can all have a good laugh, but for the sake of our reputation we will not be using our own pictures… We’ve googled some pretty awesome examples, but let’s be real. You yourself can reach deep into your memory & recall some of these style trends we can’t believe our parents allowed us to walk out of the house in….

Here are some style trends we really, really don’t want coming back:

  1. Mini skirt over jeans (think Juno)
  2. Dresses over jeans
  3. Really anything too long over jeans….
  4. Wearing jeans but rolling them up to your knees (or was this just a thing weird thing we did in Florida because it was a billion degrees…regardless, leave it in the past)
  5. Platform sneakers
  6. Tripp pants circa early emo stages of the early 2000s
  7. Camo tight fitting everything
  8. Butterfly hair clips
  9. Neon scrunchies
  10. Popcorn shirts… especially the tube top ones (Whitney had one…. Alex had three)
  11. Anything and everything fishnet
  12. Super low cut pants (We’re looking at you Abercrombie….)
  13. Layering tank tops
  14. Chokers
  15. Patterned tank tops with button down blouses worn over unbuttoned as a jacket (confusing? exactly….)
  16. Gauchos (Have you noticed that the pants were definitely no good between 1990-2010?)
  17. Velour Track Suits
  18. Really anything from Limited Too…. (except those sweet neon tiger pjs Whitney wore all the time….)

While we absolutely loved the 90s and we are proud 90s kids, we like to turn a blind eye to our wonderfully terrible fashion choices. Were you once a victim of any of these fashion disasters? Share your horror fashion story below!


(img credit: google images)

Let’s Save Some Elephants

Do you want extremely comfy pants & do you want to save some elephants? If so, YOU NEED TO GRAB A PAIR OF ELEPHANT PANTS NOW!

cheescake & elephant pants = the best

No seriously, these pants are everything. When I’m not wearing scrubs or professional work clothes, you can find me in my elephant pants. The best part? They donate some of their profits to the African Wildlife Foundation which helps save the elephants. I love this company so much I decided to be an ambassador so here is me ambassadoring & telling you that you  need these pants!!

If pants are not your thing, they have beautiful tapestries, leggings, shirts, bags, & even shorts.

So seriously guys, go check out The Elephant Pants.