Gotta Catch ‘Em All… Seriously.

oddishEarlier this month, Niantic released an augmented reality (or simply put, AR) game for iPhones and Androids called Pokémon GO and it has basically taken over everyone’s lives. During the first few days of its release, the news was going on and on about how it was currently the most used app (even beating out tinder… Catching ‘Em all is more important than getting dat bootay). I was hesitant at first. I never played any of the previous Pokémon video games (ask my sister, my video game skills are pitiful). I watched the show and movies and collected the cards (though I never learned how to play the card game) and would watch over the shoulders of my sister and friends as the played the video games rather than embarrassing myself. After working a Sunday dinner shift and watching children play all through dinner, I was intrigued. The next morning, (July 11th) I decided to download it before work and see what he fuss was about. Between the two hours of playing before work around my island and then the one hour after work before getting to the bar for Monday Babe Date, I had already reached level 5 and I didn’t even pick my team immediately because I was still pretty confused about what I was doing.

Thankfully while getting Sarah to download the app (surprisingly it is the only app her phone somewhat likes) a friend of ours from the bar showed up, he was much ahead of us, of course, because there wasn’t a delay in him downloading the app. We began our drunken crash course in the app including helping me pick a team. I saw the utter disappointment in his Valor eyes as I picked Mystic because one thing I gathered from Facebook was that most of my tight knit friends were Mystic (Whitney, however, is Instinct). This is when my Pokémon Trainer journey truly began. I was ready. What would follow is the next two weeks (and counting) of running all over downtown until the sun comes up setting out to catch ‘em all. So here I am, almost at level 20, with tips the most important necessity for those with goals of being a Pokémon Master. Your backpack. I’m not talking about the backpack in the game that I THANKFULLY upgraded space wise finally. I’m talking about a real life backpack. I went through a few phases of Pokémon hunting. Using my purse to hold my stuff like I always do and getting annoyed by it flopping all over as I ran, overalls which worked great because of endless pockets but I only own one pair, and then finally I landed on carrying a backpack (I prefer one with side pockets). So here we go…

What Every Pokémon Trainer Needs In Their Backpack:
1.      Phone charging battery (this is why I like side pockets because I can have my batter there with my phone plugged in if I don’t have pockets in my clothes)
2.      Backup phone charging battery
3.      Phone cord
4.      Backup phone cord
5.      Snacks of your choice
6.      Insect repellent… It a buggy time of year here in Florida
7.      Sunscreen if you are going out during the day time
8.      Always have your wallet including your photo ID with you in case of emergencies
9.      Aleve (or whatever headache medicine you prefer)
10.     Beverages! I typically like water and having one Capri-Sun as well

Happy trails in your Pokémon GO adventures. If you are one of those judging all your friends for playing, get a life and let people have fun. Regardless of if it is sad that it has taken an AR app for me to do it, I’ve walked more (outside of working since I’m a server) in the past two weeks than I have since I stopped working at camp. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to get out and move. If you are someone hesitant and unsure if you’d enjoy the app, download it, I’m willing to bet you’ll have fun.

P.S. My favorite Pokémon is Oddish but I mainly enjoy catching water Pokémon!



Help! It’s been raining all day and I don’t know what to do!

rain totoro
It’s that time of year again for my fellow Floridians… Drum roll please…. HURRICANE SEASON! Yes indeed it is officially here as I sit in my room after work on a Monday instead of going to the bar I go to every Monday listening to the wind and the rain of Tropical Storm Colin, the remnants at least since the worst of it was earlier in the day. Tomorrow everything should be back to normal in the evening time. I’m still damp from getting wet while getting mop supplies ready and taking trash out at work. This has me wondering what to do with myself when my island is flooded, the winds are terrible, and I have to go over three bridges just to get to the bar I like to drink at. Obviously I stay home most nights so this isn’t something I’ve never done, but Monday’s are my babe date nights at the bar with one of my best girlfriends. With that I bring you the most important list Floridians will need this summer (okay maybe it isn’t THAT important but humor me).

What you need to have to survive a tropical storm/hurricane this season:

1. Wine/alcohol – I am feeling very unprepared right now with the lacking bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (send help!)

2. iPad/any tablet – it is important to have something portable that holds a charge well and can even be charged in a car if necessary because depending on the severity of the storm you could loose power. Now days you can even get a data only plan for tablets.

3. Flashlights – even if you don’t lose power, you don’t always want to turn on lights just to get a glass of water and it can be creepy to walk around in the dark when the wind is howling.

4. Netflix – currently binge watching a Grey’s Anatomy re-watch.

5. Books – if the power goes out then you can’t Netflix and that means you need entertainment. Hello books!

6. Bottled water – now is the time of year every home in Florida should keep a case of bottled water just in case.

7. SNAAAAACKS – I have no motivation to cook right now because storm sounds make me lazy and someone please send snacks (and the above lacking wine. Thank you,)

8. Adult coloring books and coloring utensils – something about coloring relaxes everyone and it also passes the time nicely.

9. Friends – if you’re going to be trapped inside, might as well do it with others as well. I’m super alone right now, parents don’t count.

10. Stuffed animal (or stuffed cactus in my case) – whatever, call me five, but storms freak me out sometimes.

Stay safe this summer and stay prepared. I’m going to go change out of my wet clothes now and take a warm shower.


Online PC Games I Enjoy…. Because I’m a Girl…

This is probably the most sexist title I ever wrote, but I have my reasons. When people think “video games” they think BOY. No seriously, when someone asks me what I do in my spare time & I say “I play video games”, they often laugh in disbelief. People usually follow up with “You mean like Candy Crush?” No. I usually proceed to tell them what games I’m currently playing and their response is always, and I mean ALWAYS….


This is my face when that is said… -_-

What is even more sad is when you Google “top girl video gamers”, you get 1 list of actual human beings and the rest are “Top Sexiest Video Game Characters” or “Sexiest Video Game  Babes”. Reeeeally…? I mean, come on. These amazing ladies….. Felicia Day….. All the girls on Twitch.TV…. Me (just kidding)… Then on top of that (I’m sorry, my rant is ending soon) when you google top games for girls you always get things like Dance Dance Revolution or suggestions for games to play with your boyfriend. Sorry, while I love a good DDR game, I enjoy blasting the evil side with my giant arcannon while questing alone… /end rant

So for all my gamers out there who were born with the wrong anatomy to enjoy games (please note my sarcasm here), here are some online PC games I currently enjoy playing:

Tera – This game is my current obsession. This is probably one of the best MMORPG games out there and as a bonus, it’s completely free. No monthly subscriptions, no Pay to Win, nothing. Sure there is an item shop so if you want to ride a Sushi Cat you might have to shell out your own money. I can go on and on about how amazing the graphics are, how insane the combat animation is, and how wonderful the community is but I think you should go ahead & download it so you can experience it yourself. Warning: The boobs on the female characters are a bit much, but you can argue the same for the abs on the male characters. I mean who really has a 10-pack like that…..

League of Legends – This game is huge. If you’re a gamer, you already know about League. While the female population is kind of low, I know a lot of female gamers who kick butt on League. Like major butt. I, however, am not one of them. I suck big time with strategy games like League. This is one of those games I wish I was amazing at, but I’m not. However, it is a really enjoyable game if you’re competitive and enjoy PVP. Bonus, the female cosplayers are ahhhmazing. Oh, by the way, it’s free too.

ARK:Survival Evolved – This action-adventure survival game has baby dinosaurs and direwolves. Enough said. But no really, ARK is a really fun game. Played in 1st person, you basically wake up naked (ok, you have cloth undies) on an island inhabited by prehistoric creatures. You have to find food, materials for clothes, weapons & shelters, tame dinosaurs, oh, and not die. The last thing is easier said than done. I probably died 100 times the first time I played because you can starve, freeze to death, fall off cliffs, get killed by others players, get attacked by a triceratops, etc. This is a great game if you love PVP, 1st person shooting, & BABY DINOSAURS. You can currently find this game for $30 on Steam. I think you can find it on PS4 and Xbox too.

Let’s be honest, these 3 are not the only games I’m playing right now. Interested in what games I’m playing? Catch me & the mister on Twitch.TV where we live stream random games including the ones mentioned above.


An Inside Look at My Netflix Queue

tumblr_inline_muenoomNw41qdlkygThose who know me know I am an enormous fan of “Netflix and Chill” and I don’t mean the questionable version popular today. I mean, watching Netflix… and chilling. Typically alone… by myself… how I like it. I’m literally sitting here as I type this watching Netflix (Hart of Dixie—a cute and quirky show about a NYC doctor who moves to southern Alabama to do General Practice, it’s a guilty pleasure) and eating chocolate frosting from the tin. With the world of TV shows and movies all being offered at our fingertips online, it can be overwhelming to try and pick out what to watch from time to time. Believe me, I have even stooped to the level of posting Facebook statuses requesting suggestions of what to watch (don’t do this, it 9 out of 10 times will leave you disappointed). So here’s to me hoping you might not be stuck with suggestions from people who don’t know what you really want to watch. I’m giving you the most important list I have in my possession.

WARNING this list will most likely contain similar options as provided on Whitney’s list due to the fact that we piggyback off of each other for Netflix watching.

TV Shows:

  1. Grey’s Anatomy – honestly, anything Shondaland comes out with is a must, but I have probably seen Grey’s about 9 times.
  2. Gilmore Girls – this show gives me life, even though I own the box set on DVD, I was still overjoyed about its entrance to the Netflix community
  3. One Tree Hill – who doesn’t love them some Naley?
  4. Friends – we all have had dreams of living in NYC with a few of your closest friends living life and just drinking coffee, just admit it.
  5. How I Met Your Mother – and if we haven’t had the aforementioned dream of drinking coffee with our friends in NYC, we have had them drinking but with drinking at our regular bar in NYC.
  6. Hart of Dixie – Just scroll up and re-read what I said. It’s cute. I promise.
  7. Law and Order: SVU – this does not require an explanation because… Best. Show. Ever.
  8. The IT Crowd – I remember the first time I watched this was at my friends old apartment after she went to bed and I watched it with her roommate (who used to be best friends with my sister) and its one of those British shows you can just watch any random episode and love. Plus, I have a weird attraction to Richard Ayoade. Swoon.
  9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – I might partly appreciate this show because of the amount of time I have spent in Philly and how accurate this show can be, but its so funny even if it is super crass.
  10. Freaks and Geeks – this show barely even existed and you end up wanting so much more but it’s a must watch. Plus young David Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel are always a love.


  1. Lilo & Stitch – this is one of my go to sleepy time movies or, shh, had too much wine movies. It just makes you happy and honestly it is one of Disney’s best works.
  2. Seeking a Friend For the End of the World – I am honestly not a huge Steve Carell, but this movie literally pulls me in so deep.
  3. The Paperboy – this is a bit darker than other movies,
  4. Shrooms – I don’t really do scary movies that well, so this is great because it’s only a mild level of scare. It probably isn’t one of the best-made movies on Netflix, but it is one of the first movies I ever watched on Netflix Watch It Now and I always see to find myself re-watching it.
  5. Mean Girls – let’s make fetch happen, okay? Team Gretchen Wieners here!
  6. Legally Blonde(1 & 2) – okay, so, I was a sorority girl with dreams of going to law school (basically up until a few months ago) so Elle Woods was basically my role model. I even decorated my graduation cap to say “What, like it’s hard?” to quote her in reference to getting into Harvard law (I will post a photo below).
  7. Mulan – if I have to actually explain why this movie is on this list then that will make me a sad human.
  8. Zoolander – sometimes we all need to be reminded that there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.
  9. Rent – I actually don’t like this movie, the songs are well done, but the story line bothers me… however it is my go to sleep movie that usually puts me to bed before its halfway over. I’ve played it about 50 times so I feel obligated to put it on this list.
  10. Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of – Were you a child of the 90s? Yeah? Go watch this.

It was hard to put together this list in all honesty, especially the movie one. With the TV shows, its difficult when you watch so many TV shows, however it is also difficult when Netflix removes some of your guilty favorites (I’m looking at you, Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place >.>). Movies disappear even more frequently than TV shows… and, as I was fact checking my list I cannot tell you how depressed I was to learn that Dirty Dancing has been removed. Anyways, happy watching! I hope you enjoy my list!

DSC_1468 a
This is my Legally Blonde inspired graduation cap photo I have from my Graduation Shoot

Leave in the comments any of your Netflix favorites that might not be on this post!


Shows to Watch on Netflix When You’re Sick

tumblr_inline_n9qe50rjfH1snulowThis past weekend I was infected with probably the worse stomach bug ever. No seriously, I don’t get vilely sick & this weekend I almost checked myself into the ER because whatever was happening to my body was not normal. However, many saltines & hours of sleep later, I’ve emerged from near death and have come to tell you all what shows you should watch when you’re basically dying…. When you’re sick, you’re most likely so out of it you can’t really focus on deep, twisty plot so you usually binge watch a light tv show. You also don’t want a show with gross images of dead bodies or internal organs since you’re probably nauseated to start (like Grey’s Anatomy or Dexter). You probably don’t want to watch a food show (like Chopped) because you’re either not hungry, or you are hungry because all you’ve been able to keep down were saltines.

These were my go-to shows this past weekend (or anytime I feel kinda funny inside or whenever I’m reminded that heyyy I’m a woman). They are entertaining enough to keep you from being so bored because you can’t get up from the couch yet light enough that if you don’t really remember what happened 10 episodes ago, you won’t be horribly confused. So in no particular order:

  1. Parks and Rec – super fun, wonderful characters, gives you a few good laughs, chris pratt
  2. Bob’s Burgers/Archer/BoJack Horseman – adult cartoons, funny, mindless
  3. Gilmore Girls – classic, feel good, heartwarming, makes you want coffee
  4. Friends – do I even need to convince you?
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – vampire, young Booth (Bones reference, obvi), female kicking butt
  6. The Office (US or UK) – bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica, Jim, Jim, even more Jim
  7. The IT Crowd – silly, light, British
  8. How I Met Your Mother – entertaining, amazing characters, may make you cry at some point or rather many points
  9. 30 Rock – so funny, nonsensical and amazing, tina fey
  10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – created by tina fey, super funny, perfect binge show

Now if you’re a little more coherent, here are some shows that require a little more attention than what would be required from a pile of blanket and crumbs on DayQuil that should have showered days ago (*ahem* me):

  1. Luther
  2. Sherlock
  3. Doctor Who
  4. House of Cards
  5. Lost
  6. Law and Order: SVU
  7. The Following
  8. The Fall
  9. The Killing
  10. Marvel: Agents of Shield/Daredevil/Arrow
  11. The X-Files

Hopefully you can find something interesting to watch as you recover from whatever illness you have or if you’re perfectly healthy but just super bored. I will compile some other lists later since obviously I watch a lot of Netflix……….