We’re still here…

Hello! So…. it’s been a few moments (months…) since we have updated this blog. Life kind of happened and unfortunately we have severely neglected this blog. I’m trying to raise a puppy, I delivered babies this summer, Alex is making money and surviving hurricanes. You know, the usual.  However, we just reached a milestone in our followers so I thought I would hop on here and say HI WE ARE STILL HERE!

As I’m entering my last semester of nursing school (omg) and Alex settles into her new apartment (not so new now though… because it’s been a while since she moved…. ha), I hope we can find more time to post more!

We have lots of saves drafts filled with our thoughts on surviving young adulthood and lots of new ideas brewing in our heads so please don’t leave us!

Here are some cool codes you can use though in the meantime:

15% off Wool and the Gang

10% off Glossier

10% off The Elephant Pants (as seen on Shark Tank!)



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