My Honest Opinion- Liquid Lipstick

 Are My Lips Ultra Kissable or What?tumblr_inline_muenoomNw41qdlkyg

Alright… let’s start off with a DISCLAIMER: I am not good at make up. I know next to nothing about make up. I don’t maintain my eyebrows. I don’t really wear anything except for lipstick. If I’m feeling fancy I wear BB cream (truth I’d wear it every day if I bought wipes to remove my make up but I keep forgetting). This will be reviewing lipstick only including pictures so do not judge the lack of full face.

If anyone knows me, they know that in this calendar year, I have taken to wearing lipstick essentially every day and you’ll rarely catch me without lipstick on. My collection has gone from 6 that all pretty much looked the same, to 51. See below (not pictured is Unicorn Tears by Too Faced because when I took my collection photo it was the day before Unicorn Tears came in the mail). I personally prefer liquid lippies over bullets or sticks simply because I manage to control liquid better, you can manipulate how it goes on, and blend it with other colors easier.

Ever growing collection

By popular request from a few individuals, and in honor of National Kissing Day being this week I decided to review the liquid lippie brands I like to use, even if I have only tested the kiss proof level of one formula. (Disclaimer: leaving out one brand that I own because I don’t use it ever so why would I review it?). Feel free to just scroll to the specific lippies you are curious about. I’m looking at Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Metallic, NYX Liquid Suede, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, Colourpop: Ultra Satin, Ultra Matte, Ultra Metallic, & Jeffree Star Velour lip.

I will be rating using a 1-5 kisses scale, 1 being the lowest 5 being the highest. I will be looking at the following categories: Applicator, transfer, feel, lasting ability, and cost.

Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Metallic
First we will be looking at an impulsive purchase for the summer line by Wet n’ Wild, metallics! I own all 6 of them. Metallics are super in right now and they are the best way to make your face POP. One thing I love about these is that it has a curved slant at the end of the wand allowing it to form to you lip with ease, however the actual handle is a little bit on the short side. I don’t have problems with it because I have baby hands but if I had a normal proportionate hand for being 5’9” it might suck some. Unfortunately, it is not the best when it comes to transferring. It typically will come off on your cup or straw, rather intensely. One of the downsides with metallic lippies is that you cant put a setting powder over them because it would take from the shine. I do find with these, if you have the time and patience, I like to use four coats, blotting in between, and then I have the best results. It is a stickier feel, similar to MAC Plushglass, which I don’t like. It definitely doesn’t last long at all however, it’s not one I can comfortable wear to my five hour shift without having a good lippie underneath it to make up for the fade. Cost is $2.99 and I purchased them between Kmart and Walgreens.

Indigo Your Own Way

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.16.12 PM

The next two focal points are by the brand NYX. NYX has many liquid lippies and so far I have only used two of them, besides swatching Lip Lingerie on my hand at Ulta.

NYX Liquid Suede
NYX Liquid Suede is one of the newer launches by NYX and I personally love it. I own 4 of this formula. I have two photos representing this one because I like to wear it two different ways. The first being applied very very thin where I just dot a few spots on my lips and then I spread it out smoothly with my finger. Then there is the normal way of applying it fully; I typically will just do one layer because the pigment is strong enough. The wand is long given the larger tube, even though I love that Wet n’ Wild had a slanted end, I equally love that the liquid suede wand has a long and flat sponge compared to the standard wand sponge. When I apply this lipstick thin, I find it doesn’t transfer very much, however if I apply it fully I am that girl that pisses off the bar back by adding lip prints very pigmented all over the glasses. The feel is smooth and barely noticeable when I apply it in a think layer, but somewhat stick and heavy if I apply it fully. Despite the fact that the color transfers over in masses, when applied fully, the lip color lasts for just about my entire five-hour work shift. Unfortunately, applying it thin with my finger takes a toll on how long it lasts for. Cost for this one is $6.99 and I have purchased the four I have between Super Target and Ulta.

thin: Foiled Again
fully: Foiled Again

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.17.03 PM

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Another winner, in my opinion, by NYX is the Soft Matte Lip Cream. This was my first introduction to NYX and it was love at first application. I currently own 6. I do usually two coats but in the photo below it is only one coat. When I apply it for best effect, I let the first coat fully dry. It doesn’t go on instantly matte and takes about a minute to dry to a matte finish. Then I blot and add the second coat. If you blot before it dries, it messes the pigment up. The applicator is a standard wand applicator like you would get with almost any lip gloss in the land. The length is mid to short however the actual handle is about an inch and a half long? I’m bad at eyeballing measurements to be honest. But it fits comfortable in my baby hands. I have gone out drinking all night long with this lippie on with no angry glares from the bar back, so it’s safe to say, the transfer isn’t real! When you apply it the texture is almost mousey which feels like pillows on your lips and then it dries to be soft, light, and smooth. I find it to last better than most, its one I’m rather comfortable wearing to work. However it does fade in the center sometimes so I usually carry a lightly tinted balm in my apron at work to touch up around the final hour of my shift that I’ll actually have customers. Cost is $5.99 and I have purchased it at Ulta, Super Target, and CVS.


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.17.35 PM

I’m going to be focusing on the brand Colourpop for the next three lippies, because they have three very different formulas for liquid lips. All I love. Thanks Chloe for introducing me (will post her insta/twitter/snap handle at the bottom) to this brand and telling me repeatedly to buy it.

Ultra Satin Lip
Colourpop not that long ago in February launched their Ultra Satin Lip. I own 7 of them so far. It can be applied thinly or fully and both are magical. With the exception of going to work with their lavender grey, Marshmallow, I almost always wear it fully because the pigment is fierce and perfect. But grey lips don’t sell food as effectively so I tweak it for that. The applicator is a standard in my opinion, has a longer length, and a perfect size handle even for those with normal sized hands. There is some transfer if you don’t blot in my opinion, but its very minimal and mainly around the inner points of your lips because that area has the hardest time to dry especially with a formula like this, which doesn’t dry matte. I love the way the Ultra Satin feels on my lips because it isn’t a matte finish but primarily appears matte-like. It is the opposite of drying and it feels smooth. I find all of Coloupops products to be long lasting and they do very mildly stain your lips (but it comes off when I dab oil on it and then wipe it off) so even when it starts to fade a bit in the center you can’t tell as much. However it takes hours for it to reach this point. Cost is $6.00 and you can only buy Colourpop on their website, because of this, I find it better to wait until you have 5 lippies you want because when you spend $30.00 you get free shipping!

The Rabbit

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.18.06 PM

Ultra Matte Lip
The largest collection of liquid lippies Colourpop offers and the most popular formula they have is their Ultra Matte Lip. I own 6 of this formula so far. The applicator is the same as the above so I’m not really going to discuss this again. Transfer does not exist with this formula and it is magical. The feel is what you would expect with a matte finish. There is some dryness that occurs but I have yet to experience any cracking as a result of the dryness and I have worn it for rather extended time periods, drinking alcohol, eating food, talking frequently, with no cracking occurring. It’s smooth and light. You wouldn’t want to put more than one coat on however because I do find that makes it sticky and no longer a good experience. This has lasted for at least 7 hours for me however I have never worn it for longer than that time before having to PRY it off with lots of oil and scrubbing. Others have told me that they have worn it for 9-hour shifts and had no issues. Costs is $6.00 and please see above for my tidbit about purchasing Colourpop lippies!


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.19.29 PM.png

Ultra Metallic Lip
For summer this year, on June 23rd, Colourpop launched their limited quantity Ultra Metallic Lip that sold out the same day. They came out with 4 shades; I have purchased 1 and possibly will stick with just that one. They have restocked twice already and every time they seem to sell out rather quickly (currently there is only one color available from their restock that took place this week. Metallics are HOT right now I’m telling you!). Colourpop is universal with their applicator so I don’t feel the need to discuss this just like in the previous section, go see the first Colourpop review up there ^. The Metallic doesn’t transfer much in my opinion but it does transfer the most of the three formulas. It mainly leaves a colorless lip print that has glitter in it from my experience. The feel and texture once applied is a little bit stickier than I prefer but not as sticky as the Wet n’ Wild Metallic. A lot of people have posted complaining about how the tube is half empty, and I would like to address this. I got mine from the first restock as opposed to the initial launch and I have not experience this at all. The consistency is a thick mouse allowing you to not feel all the glitter bits that make it metallic. I think this is why some people think its half empty. Instead of shaking it like Colourpop recommends for their other lippies, I find swirling the wand in the tube works best. The lippie itself lasts on your lips forever. I eat, I drink, I lick my lips, and its still just chilling on my lips no big deal, shiny as ever. Costs is $6.00 and as previously mentioned, see first Colourpop review for information about purchasing.


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.20.00 PM

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick
What Myspace fanatic didn’t idolize Jeffree Star and his flawless make up capabilities? No one. He recently came out with his official line of liquid lips with a formula of his own. It sells out all the time and we are left waiting (im)patiently for a restock. I own 1. He has a great slant at the end of the doe foot applicator and it forms to your lip like a memory foam pillow. The actual handle is a little bit tiny making it a bit more awkward to hold if you don’t have much dexterity with your fingertips. I haven’t personally experience any transfer from this lippie but it hasn’t had the official test run of going on a Monday bar date after work. So I have no bar back responses yet. Just a lot of prancing around my house like a pretty bad ass princess because that’s what this color does. The feel is weightless and nondrying despite being matte in finish. It’s the most runny liquid lip I have ever used but it’s so pigmented it takes only one coat and then dries in just about 30 seconds. I usually prance in this around my house for about 6 hours and then eventually take it off because its time for bed or something but it does take some work to get it off given that its such a potent formula! I can only imagine how long it can last! Cost is $18.00 and you can only buy it at Jeffree Star’s website and shipping was $5.95 for standard shipping. You have to spend $100.00 to get free shipping


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.20.34 PM

Instagrams: @wetnwildbeauty
oh and @GoForChlo (insta/snap/twitter)

I hope your lips stay as kissable as mine, even if, like me, you are not actually kissing anyone!



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