Help! It’s been raining all day and I don’t know what to do!

rain totoro
It’s that time of year again for my fellow Floridians… Drum roll please…. HURRICANE SEASON! Yes indeed it is officially here as I sit in my room after work on a Monday instead of going to the bar I go to every Monday listening to the wind and the rain of Tropical Storm Colin, the remnants at least since the worst of it was earlier in the day. Tomorrow everything should be back to normal in the evening time. I’m still damp from getting wet while getting mop supplies ready and taking trash out at work. This has me wondering what to do with myself when my island is flooded, the winds are terrible, and I have to go over three bridges just to get to the bar I like to drink at. Obviously I stay home most nights so this isn’t something I’ve never done, but Monday’s are my babe date nights at the bar with one of my best girlfriends. With that I bring you the most important list Floridians will need this summer (okay maybe it isn’t THAT important but humor me).

What you need to have to survive a tropical storm/hurricane this season:

1. Wine/alcohol – I am feeling very unprepared right now with the lacking bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (send help!)

2. iPad/any tablet – it is important to have something portable that holds a charge well and can even be charged in a car if necessary because depending on the severity of the storm you could loose power. Now days you can even get a data only plan for tablets.

3. Flashlights – even if you don’t lose power, you don’t always want to turn on lights just to get a glass of water and it can be creepy to walk around in the dark when the wind is howling.

4. Netflix – currently binge watching a Grey’s Anatomy re-watch.

5. Books – if the power goes out then you can’t Netflix and that means you need entertainment. Hello books!

6. Bottled water – now is the time of year every home in Florida should keep a case of bottled water just in case.

7. SNAAAAACKS – I have no motivation to cook right now because storm sounds make me lazy and someone please send snacks (and the above lacking wine. Thank you,)

8. Adult coloring books and coloring utensils – something about coloring relaxes everyone and it also passes the time nicely.

9. Friends – if you’re going to be trapped inside, might as well do it with others as well. I’m super alone right now, parents don’t count.

10. Stuffed animal (or stuffed cactus in my case) – whatever, call me five, but storms freak me out sometimes.

Stay safe this summer and stay prepared. I’m going to go change out of my wet clothes now and take a warm shower.



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