Why Deleting My Tinder App Was The Best… Like… Ever

image1First and foremost… holy cow I am so sorry for it being a light year (I’m being dramatic) since I last posted anything. I know Whitney somewhat touched on the inactivity in her last post (that was her breaking our lull) however I still wanted to personally apologize as well. Welcome back our cozy comrades. Life gets the best of you sometimes, whether it is nursing school and night shifts, or waitressing while trying to get your mortgage license. (Key word: trying.) On top of that, we have home lives, pets, friends, and cactuses to tend to. (So man cactuses, so little time.) To sum it up… oops, very sorry, on to the important topics… like, Tinder! (Or as I always liked calling it “Tindahh”)

We all know about it, but we don’t all use it. Tinder. I’ve had the app essentially since it gained popularity. This is supposedly a dating app, but we all know most people use it to try and hook up. I’ve even met some pretty decent people on the app. Unfortunately, it is barely a dating app. The way Tinder tends to go down, you see someone cute, you swipe right, you get a match notification (quite often… I’m pretty sure guys swipe right way more than girls? I could be wrong; this could just be the group of guys I know), you talk for a few, and then you either meet or you stop talking all together. My personal favorite, however, was when I would see people I knew in real life. I always swiped right because I thought it was funny. Then I realized, this is quote frankly the shallowest concept. I’m no longer even considering this app as a way to meet people, I was typically just drunk and wanting to see if I could find people I already knew. Then I started meeting people the old fashioned way. In person, randomly, out and about… you know, organically.

Naturally being a girl in her early twenties, most of my fabulous ideas form over drinks with a friend. Let me relay this conversation for you. It’s short and sweet, I promise.


Sarah: “I think I should delete Tinder.”

Me: “meh if you want.”

Me: “I’ll do it.”

-I proceed to go to the page with said app and hold it down then click the little ‘x’-

Sarah: “Oh wow. You’re actually doing this right now.”


Thus ended my Tinder lifestyle. Granted, I did not actually delete my account, too time consuming for the in the moment situation I was in. Granted, Sarah backed out of deleting her Tinder and that it was mainly just an idea, but I finally did it. I had done it before, sure. Before it was always because I temporarily needed more space on my phone as opposed to doing it because I was done. About a week later I had a moment where we were talking about people from Tinder and I went to check my app to see how old they were and then I remembered. The app was gone. The best part is, I don’t care. I am so excited. I actually have a tiny belief that there could be hope for dating out there still. My confidence for talking to guys I never met or even ones I have met but only briefly is much higher. Not sure why, but it is. Plus, the added bonus to deleting tinder: you no longer get terrible conversation starters like the following (taken from the brilliant Instagram account @tindernightmares) “are you a sea lion because I can sea you lion in my bed later” “Happy Easter Jade. Would love to fertilise your eggs.” “You look like you could suck a good d!” and lastly “Wanna play Barbie? I’ll play Ken and you can be the box I come in”. Peace out Tinder. I’m no longer swiping right.

*above is a picture that accurately demonstrates how free I feel without this so called dating app*

I so solemnly swear that I’ll at least try and make an effort to post more often.



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