Toast and Butter, Please.

In light of snowmageddon and being bundled up inside, we’re going to talk about our comfort foods today! We all have cold days. We all have sad days. We all have bad days. Sometimes bad days are worse than other bad days. We all have our ways to alleviate the sadness and ours is FOOD (and Netflix and books and puppies, but that’s not the point of this post!). We decided to share with you some of our favorite comfort foods!

Alex’s Comfort Foods

Soup. I am literally the biggest lover of soup you will probably ever encounter. I sometimes will see soup on a menu and just sigh the most longing sigh there is.

Bagels. Bagels. And more bagels. I consider bagels to be an actual food group of their own that is also a necessity. You might as well call me a Cohen (The O.C. reference… marry me, Seth Cohen) with my love for bagels.

Tuna noodle casserole. This is where my mom’s midwestern roots start to show because this was a staple growing up for me. My old roommates would always know when I had a rough day because they would see me making tuna noodle casserole. Sorry guys for making the house smell like canned tuna. Oops.

Whitney’s Comfort Foodstumblr_inline_nbw74sKyva1snulow

Nothing cheers me up more than toast and butter. I could seriously eat toast and butter for the rest of my life. Feeling dangerous? Sometime I add a bit of jam or maybe some honey, but only on really rough days.

Rice. I’m half Taiwanese. I grew up eating rice. I eat rice all the time. Rice reminds me of home and nothing makes me feel more warm and smiley than eating a big bowl of plain rice.

Ice Cream. Every day after school I always ate a bowl of ice cream. Ice cream is my childhood and eating some will immediately turn my day around.

Chocolate chip cookies. I’m not talking about just any chocolate chip cookie. My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. One of her cookies will make the worst day into one of the best.

tumblr_lk4vfuWL8v1qijadwo1_100Share some of your all time favorite comfort foods below!



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