I’m Going to Cry Because Thanksgiving!

I’m the girl that wakes up every Black Friday morning in complete excitement and anticipation. No, not for the sales, Black Friday shopping terrifies me and the few times I have actually gone shopping on those days it was simply because I needed some clothes beforegiphys,ejdnewf going back to school and it was the time my mom had to take me. We always went late in the day after the madness and it wasn’t to hit up any crazy sales. So why am I so thrilled each Black Friday morning? It’s simple, that is when my count down to next Thanksgiving begins. Sure, Christmas is fun and great and you get to celebrate the birth of Christ, which is the truest use of the word awesome. However, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. While there are things I don’t like about thanksgiving such as… The history is vastly taught incorrectly in the public school system growing up, cultural appropriation happening at every corner (did you know most preschools have a Native American day where they have the kids dress up as “indians” with war paint and head dresses?! how is teaching young kids to do this considered alright?!), and the fact that so many stores now open on Thanksgiving to start Black Friday early (evil)… I still love this holiday despite all the aforementioned negative disgust. I have a few reasons for Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday, and despite how pitiful and shallow it is, yes, the food is one of the reasons.

But here we go:

  • Family at Peace… I come from a passionate German-Irish family with a blend of one parent essentially being raised as an only child (his sister was 12 years older than him and went to boarding school) and one being the youngest of four kids in a loud Catholic family. I’ve always loved how peaceful Thanksgiving is of all the holidays, there is rarely ever any arguing or fighting, we are just together being happy and thankful. It shouldn’t take a holiday to create this feeling, but if that’s what I take, then add that to my list of November thanks (I keep a journal of things I’m thankful for each month)
  • Friends Become Family… my nuclear family is a family of four and now my sister lives in Las Vegas so she can’t afford to come home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and after my grandparents passed away, we were down by two guests already. It is so frivolous and silly to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for only two people, so every year we open our home to any stray friends who can’t be with their family that year and they become our family. The most important part about Thanksgiving is to spend it with your people, even if its just one person. However no one should have to spend it alone.
  • The Food… my dad is a passionate hobby chef and Thanksgiving is his favorite meal of the year to cook. I love watching him prepare for it all week and helping him as he needs it. I love seeing how excited he is as he’s watching everyone take his or her first few bites. Seeing my dad do something he loves makes me so overjoyed. In addition, I love getting to enjoy his food. When I was in college I would put together leftovers for my friends who couldn’t come home with me and couldn’t go home to their home because of having to work Black Friday (evil).

To sum it all up, here are the top five things I am thankful for this year:

  1. Having an amazing support group of friends, family, and friends who are family—new and old.
  2. Always having food to eat and a roof on my head even if I do become frustrated by living with my parents again.
  3. Knowing that even though I lost a sorority sister this year—I have a new angel looking over all my sisters and me.
  4. Bagels and soup (this falls under number 2 but I really just needed to point it out again)
  5. My two dogs who bring so much joy to my heart.


Comment below with your favorite things about Thanksgiving and what you are thankful this year!

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and remember to keep that warm feeling you get this Thursday active in your heart all year round!






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