Online PC Games I Enjoy…. Because I’m a Girl…

This is probably the most sexist title I ever wrote, but I have my reasons. When people think “video games” they think BOY. No seriously, when someone asks me what I do in my spare time & I say “I play video games”, they often laugh in disbelief. People usually follow up with “You mean like Candy Crush?” No. I usually proceed to tell them what games I’m currently playing and their response is always, and I mean ALWAYS….


This is my face when that is said… -_-

What is even more sad is when you Google “top girl video gamers”, you get 1 list of actual human beings and the rest are “Top Sexiest Video Game Characters” or “Sexiest Video Game  Babes”. Reeeeally…? I mean, come on. These amazing ladies….. Felicia Day….. All the girls on Twitch.TV…. Me (just kidding)… Then on top of that (I’m sorry, my rant is ending soon) when you google top games for girls you always get things like Dance Dance Revolution or suggestions for games to play with your boyfriend. Sorry, while I love a good DDR game, I enjoy blasting the evil side with my giant arcannon while questing alone… /end rant

So for all my gamers out there who were born with the wrong anatomy to enjoy games (please note my sarcasm here), here are some online PC games I currently enjoy playing:

Tera – This game is my current obsession. This is probably one of the best MMORPG games out there and as a bonus, it’s completely free. No monthly subscriptions, no Pay to Win, nothing. Sure there is an item shop so if you want to ride a Sushi Cat you might have to shell out your own money. I can go on and on about how amazing the graphics are, how insane the combat animation is, and how wonderful the community is but I think you should go ahead & download it so you can experience it yourself. Warning: The boobs on the female characters are a bit much, but you can argue the same for the abs on the male characters. I mean who really has a 10-pack like that…..

League of Legends – This game is huge. If you’re a gamer, you already know about League. While the female population is kind of low, I know a lot of female gamers who kick butt on League. Like major butt. I, however, am not one of them. I suck big time with strategy games like League. This is one of those games I wish I was amazing at, but I’m not. However, it is a really enjoyable game if you’re competitive and enjoy PVP. Bonus, the female cosplayers are ahhhmazing. Oh, by the way, it’s free too.

ARK:Survival Evolved – This action-adventure survival game has baby dinosaurs and direwolves. Enough said. But no really, ARK is a really fun game. Played in 1st person, you basically wake up naked (ok, you have cloth undies) on an island inhabited by prehistoric creatures. You have to find food, materials for clothes, weapons & shelters, tame dinosaurs, oh, and not die. The last thing is easier said than done. I probably died 100 times the first time I played because you can starve, freeze to death, fall off cliffs, get killed by others players, get attacked by a triceratops, etc. This is a great game if you love PVP, 1st person shooting, & BABY DINOSAURS. You can currently find this game for $30 on Steam. I think you can find it on PS4 and Xbox too.

Let’s be honest, these 3 are not the only games I’m playing right now. Interested in what games I’m playing? Catch me & the mister on Twitch.TV where we live stream random games including the ones mentioned above.



2 thoughts on “Online PC Games I Enjoy…. Because I’m a Girl…

  1. I feel like I have more gaming cred than a lot of my guy friends who only play Call of Duty/Halo. It’s great to sit down with guys who think you’re a bad player because you’re a girl and then wreck them in game, though.


    1. Love your blog. Most guys who are quick to judge I found play FPS like CoD and Halo or even GTA. Luckily I have found more accepting guys in MMORPGs. But yes, that feeling of beating them in a duel or any game is awesome! – Whitney


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