Your First Yoga Class, eh?

Should I Go?

To go or not to go? That was the question I had while I was scrolling through all these fancy yoga classes. Yoga classes are intimidating, trust me. As a beginner yogi, even the beginners class was scary. However, you can’t really learn yoga appropriately without someone there to adjust your body and ensure you are doing each pose correctly. From personal experience, I think everyone who is interested in yoga should definitely attend a yoga class. You can watch all the YouTube videos you want, but unless you have an actual person there to physically move your leg or your arm or your torso to where it should be, you won’t be reaping the full benefits of yoga. You may think you’re doing Warrior, but if your body is all lopsided like mine is, what feels okay usually means you are not in the right position. It wasn’t until I went to a class and had the instructor move my hips so they were aligned did I feel the pull… and oh there was a pull.

However, it is very, very, very important you attend the right one for you. So how do you know which one to go to? (…keep reading)

Where Should I Go?

Ask, ask, ask! If you know someone who is a serious yogi, ask them where they go. Ask them about the teachers and the classes. If you have no one to talk to, check out reviews online or even call the studio to find out more about the class. Not all beginner yoga classes are the same. Definitely not all yoga instructors are the same. For example, I always ask people how fast an instructor goes. I have taken classes where the instructors went so fast I literally had no chance to catch my breath & that is not yoga… I think it was Pilates in disguise… which is awful…

Here are some questions you can ask:

  • How fast does the instructor go? – The slower, the better.
  • Does the instructor do the moves with you? – This slows the instructor down, plus I always found it weird if the yoga teacher didn’t even do the moves with everyone….
  • Does the instructor take the time to adjust your body or do they just stand at the front the whole time? – THIS IS KEY! THIS IS THE WHOLE REASON YOU’D GO TO A CLASS.
  • Is it crowded? – I have found smaller classes to be much more impactful than classes of like 40 people. It gives the teacher more time to focus on you.
  • How accommodating are they to new yogis? – Instructors who understand you are new to yoga understand your body is still learning what to do and how to feel. They help you understand what it is you should be feelings which is so important in yoga.

If anything, always attend a beginners class. I have found that classes which include all levels *including beginners* are not geared towards beginners. They are amazing after a few months of yoga because it’s amazing to watch advanced yogis, but trust me. It’s so awkward when everyone is doing the Crow position & you’re just sitting there like, ” Yeah nope, there is no way.”

What Should I Bring?

Not a lot. Here are things I always bring when I attend a yoga class:yoga essentials

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga blanket (or a towel)
  • wash cloth or hand towel (nothing is worse than sweat in your eyes during Downward Dog)
  • lots and lots of water!
  • a small purse (usually they have tiny cubbies to put your personals so try to bring something small enough to hold your cards, keys, & phone)

What Should I Wear?

Remember you will be in all kinds of positions so it’s best to wear clothes that somewhat cling to your body. While I’m not a fan of fads, yoga pants are called yoga pants for a reason! If you don’t have yoga pants, a pair of leggings will do the trick. Tank tops are great because they’re pretty snug around your body, but provide enough coverage. If you’re wearing just a t-shirt, wear a sports bra because your shirt will fall around your shoulders when you do an inverted pose. Finally, just wear flip flops which you can easily take off because nothing is worse than trying to do yoga in socks. Don’t even attempt this.

A key thing to always remember when you attend a yoga class is YOGA IS NOT COMPETITIVE. Sometimes people are afraid to go because they won’t be as good as others. Let me tell you that the people who attend yoga classes are the most helpful, non-judgmental, encouraging, nicest individuals I have ever met. Everyone understands others are at a different point in their yoga journey. So go try a yoga class! Trust me when I say you will fall in love.



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