My Bathroom Counter Is Definitely Messy… But You Can Find These Items

tumblr_inline_n094750FY41qid2nwI’ve never really been actively into make up. I went through phases where I definitely had to buy every Naked palate and multiples of hundreds of dollars spent on other kind of make up… however, once my face cleared up, I just stopped wearing make up. Getting to that point, by the way, clear face, easier than I ever would have thought. Biggest tip, throw away any of those acne washes you buy at the drugstore. They do way more harm than good. Water is your friend with washing your face. Back to the point, I never really use make up. I throw on a bit of eye shadow, liner, and mascara from time to time when going out with friends and from time to time lipstick is my best friend. I do however have my must haves for my face.

The first must have is somewhat new to my life and funny for how it came to be. I’m only twenty-three years old but I will admit: I use anti-wrinkle cream. Here is how it started… about two weeks ago this Florida girl experienced the first bit of dry skin ever and well, I’m poor. About a year ago I was given anti-wrinkle cream as a gag gift to send me a message that I’m old now that I graduated college and went alumna in my sorority. I never opened it despite one of my college friends constantly telling me it is never too late to start fighting aging. ANYWAY! To the point. I’m poor, and I can’t afford moisturizer. So suddenly I found myself digging out this anti-wrinkle cream and it suddenly became a part of my nightly face routine. While it might have become a part of my routine because I was in a pinch, after two weeks of using it every night, I can see the difference. The bags under my eyes have almost completely disappeared! I now completely recommend using it to everyone. Below you will find a photo of the specific anti-wrinkle cream I have been using. However, I do plan on switching to Yes To Blueberries.

My PONDS anti-wrinkle cream

Next, every bathroom should have: a daily moisturizer, tinted moisturizer/BB Cream, and a face-mask. I know, you’re confused now because I said that my anti-wrinkle cream was being used a moisturizer. Most anti-wrinkle creams tell you on the back that it is not recommended to have high sun exposure after use. I live in Florida. My life is high sun exposure. So my Naturals moisturizer, which was gifted to me upon it being made known to my friend that anti-wrinkle cream was my new moisturizer, is my daily moisturizer—unfortunately I does not have and SPF in it, which is important in the Sunshine State. However, my BB cream does have SPF and it makes my pores almost unnoticeable with a lovely glow to my skin. Now… we all like to indulge in ourselves from time to time, and it’s best to do so in a way which will spoil your skin rotten. That’s where my charcoal mask comes in. It doesn’t have to be a charcoal mask, however, every girl (or boy even because your skin should be happy too!) should have their favorite kind of face-mask that leaves them relaxed and feeling pretty.

Maybeline, Origins, Neutrogena naturals

Last, and most important to me, lip balm. EOS may or may not be (okay it is) my favorite lip balm I have ever discovered. I own I believe ten different colors/flavors. Needless to say, every bag I own and use has its own EOS lip balm sitting in there. There is only one flavor I couldn’t stand and that was the lemon. Ew. It’s like rubbing a lemon wedge on your lips. If you’re into that sort of thing then have at it. Now listen, the reason lip balm is so important is because if you are going to moisturize your face, and your hands, and basically every other touchable part of your skin. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your lips? Don’t you want them to be kissable and soft and not in pain from cracking?

I don’t have an addiction

It has taken me twenty-three years to figure out what all my skin really needed from me. The way I see it, it has taken me this long to really figure it out, I can’t be alone. I hope this helps someone iron out his or her beauty regime. The key to a beautiful face isn’t make-up. I mean, make-up can accentuate the beauty that is already there… but if your skin isn’t already happy, there wouldn’t be the natural beauty for the make-up to accentuate. If I’m living in one of the most humid states in the lower fifty states and experience dry skin problems, wherever you are, I’m sure you do as well. Drink some tea and be well.


Products Used:

PONDS Anti-Wrinkle Cream

BB Cream

Origins Charcoal Mask

Neutrogena Naturals Lotion

EOS Lip Balm

Do you have any cool beauty products you can NOT live without? Comment below!


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