Interview Tips & Tricks


If there is anything I dread, it’s job interviews. I am awful at interviews. Like, terrible. No seriously, sometimes I think I’m on the verge of a seizure & words just never come out as a full sentence. Days leading up to the interview I am usually cool, calm, & collected (sometimes, not always); but the morning of? I’m toggling between wanting to pass out to needing to sprint 60000 miles.

Here are some of my tips & tricks to battling my nerves:

  1. Realize it is not the end of the world – This is probably the hardest for me to grasp, but the most important. If you realize that bombing this interview and not getting that job is not the end of the world, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. I know you’re thinking “That’s easier said than done.” Think about it. Will you die? Nah. Will you fall into a coma? No. Will those people who truly love you not love you anymore? Definitely not. Sure it may set you back a little, but if you got that interview in the first place, it means you’re doing something right. So even if you fail this interview, you’ll have more in no time.
  2. Go buy a new interview outfit – Right before an interview my mind is running a billion miles a minute. I’m obsessing over every detail and rehearsing every possible question I can think of…. “If you have a comatose child that suddenly turns into a zombie & proceeds to infect the other children in your ward, what will you do? How will you ensure patient satisfaction?”……. One thing that helps me take my mind off these very probable questions is retail therapy. Buying a new interview outfit will not only distract you a little, but it actually prepares you a little bit more. No more worrying about what exactly in your closet you’re going to wear the night before. If you don’t want to splurge on a new outfit, go buy a new pair of earrings or maybe even some new flats.
  3. Eat a good breakfast – Nothing is more awkward than a stomach growl in the middle of an interview. Trust me. I speak from personal experience. Usually I am so nervous I can’t even think to eat the morning of, but like I said…. trust me. You’ll also be much more alert when your body has some food in it, allowing you to think clearer and produce comprehensible answers.
  4. Rehearse the obvious – Nothing is wrong with rehearsing some answers. Everyone knows the basic questions that you’ll always get. “What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? Describe a situation where you disagreed with your supervisor. Describe a situation where you solved a problem.” Google interview questions & I guarantee you’ll see those questions. The key is not to rehearse your answers word for word, but rather to have an idea of what you will answer if and when they ask you.  Figure out the details of that situation before you step into the interview room and you’ll find yourself explaining that situation so much better than if you were on the spot.
  5. Know where you are going – Always, always, always know where the interview will be held. Make sure you know exactly where to park and where to check-in. Try driving to the interview location the day before and figure out all the kinks before the big day.
  6. Pee – GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE YOUR INTERVIEW. If you’re like me, then when you get nervous you’ll have to pee & nothing is worse than trying to ignore your bladder when you’re getting asked a myriad of questions.

and finally… If they don’t like you, who cares? You don’t want to work for a company who doesn’t like you. This is something my father has to constantly remind me every time I call him in tears because I think I bombed an interview. But it’s that simple, as long as you are you, it’s okay! Don’t be bummed if you didn’t get the job because somewhere down the line, there is a company who appreciates what you have to offer and those are the people you want to work for. If you remind yourself to be true to who you are, the interview goes a lot smoother. Don’t act tough. Admit your weakness. Brag about your strengths. Discuss your concerns. Express your gratitude. Be you and only you. It is so much easier to talk about the truth and interviewers appreciate it because they know who they are hiring. Always remember, it is not the end of the world if you bomb your interview. Trust me, because I have bombed a many of interviews & I am still alive.

Do you have any tips or tricks to help you calm your nerves before a big interview? Share below in the comments!



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