Hello Sanity! 5 essential items for a semi-organized life.

Nursing school. Funny. Grey's anatomyI haven’t had much time this summer or rather, I had the normal amount of time anyone has but too much stuff that required said time. Eventually, the stuff overloaded the said time & somehow I’m here, in the middle of August, wondering what in the world happened. How did I manage to accomplish so much in a mere 24 hours a day without somehow drowning in my own tears? How did I manage nursing school, work, life, friends, family, Etsy orders & my sanity? What happened to the last 90 days? I am no where near an expert in life management, but here are a 5 items that are part of my survival pack to a semi-organized life. These are things that really helped me during one of the most stressful summers of my life & things I continue to use everyday as a way to keep my chaos a little more controlled!


 Whitney’s 5 essential items for a semi-organized life….

  1. Day Designer. Without my Day Designer, I would be a wreck. My father always had a Franklin binder planner when he was working (he’s retired, I’m jealous). He told me how helpful it was to have everything he had to get done written out days or even months in advanced. Since Franklin planners are about a billion dollars, any planner will do. However, after going through probably every planner at Target, I stumbled upon the beautiful Day Designer on Instagram. I actually bought the Today & To-Do because it was cheaper & smaller. I will probably buy the Day Designer because it’s a tad more organized plus I can organize my entire month in addition to day by day. However, both are amazing & perfect for keeping your life organized. There is a to-do list, sections for dinner/dollars/due, and even a nice little spot for a reflection. Did I mention the woman who created this is named Whitney too? Everyone that has ever invested in Day Designer has nothing but positive things to say. Seriously, it’s a life changer.
  2. Hello Cuteness. These printables are life! Not only are the designs so perfect, but they are super colorful & free! I use the year at a glance, cleaning schedule, grocery list, & meal planners. Slip these into a sheet protector, grab a dry erase marker & you can reuse these week after week! I put these on my fridge for easy access. Plus it makes my kitchen way cuter now. Hello Cuteness also has so many other amazing printables like candy wrappers & gift tags!
  3. Moleskin. I try so hard not to be one for brands (ugh, is my hipster showing?), but Moleskin produces amazing journals. I usually get the kind with lines because who are we kidding? I carry this with me everywhere because inspiration comes when you least expect it. It’s a great place to jot down a new knit design or a book someone mentions in passing. I tried for the longest time to just grab a piece of paper & jot things down but then my purse was filled with ridiculous paper scraps. I basically looked like a bird gathering supplies for my nest… The pocket size journals are the perfect size to toss in your bag and take with you. If you are constantly writing things down, I highly recommend investing in some sort of small journal.
  4. Bag of Goodies. All the credit for this survival item goes to my mom. My mom always carries a bag within her bag filled with everything… band-aids, headache pills, lipstick, hand cream, insect bite ointments, pens/pencils, peppermint rolling stick for tension, gum, etc. She always has the exactly what you need at all times. She is always prepared. I never realized how important her bag was until I got a paper cut, a tension headache, attacked by a mosquito under the desk at work, etc. I always dug through my bag trying to find something but never had it, constantly thinking “Ugh, I need my mom.” Then I decided, I should probably just make my own bag! Life changer! Trust me, don’t just toss all these items in your bag. They will get lost in the black hole we call our purse. Go find a super cute pencil or small makeup bag & put all the goodies inside it so you know exactly where to find things when you are bleeding a little too much from that paper cut.
  5. $5 and a granola bar. When you have so many things to do in a mere 24 hours, sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. When I’m running from class to work to an appointment then back to class, somehow too many hours have passed. My stomach promptly reminds me “hi! I’m still here!”. But I can’t stop to get something to eat! This is where I pull out my handy, dandy granola bar. It’s not a meal replacement, but something that will hold me over before I can get home and have an actual meal. If I’m having a particularly intense day of running errands, I may take 10 minutes to grab a coffee (hooray for the $5 we always keep tucked away!). Nothing is worse than being hungry, stressed, and on the move.


Hopefully, if you were like me & struggling to grab control of your day, some of these things will help!

What are some of your favorite things to help you stay organized & sane? Leave a comment below ^.^




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