24 Things While I’m 24

24 isn’t that exciting. I’m almost a quarter century old, but not quite. Can I officially say “I’m in my mid-twenties” or is that something you say after you turn 25? This year I am able to spend my birthday alone (you can’t really do much celebrating on a Monday… I’m saving the festivities for this weekend!) and actually I’m enjoying it. I spent a long time at a local used bookstore right down the street, browsing all the beautiful books, reading bits and pieces before settling on Issac Asimov’s Prelude to Foundation. Did I mention this bookstore has kittens for adoption just chilling amongst the books? Yeah, I almost went home with like 4 kittens…. After battling my inner self and walking away from those kittens, I ordered some coffee from a local bakery that apparently has been on the Food Network? Who knew. Here’s to being 24, happy and healthy!

24 things to maybe, possibly, hopefully accomplish while I’m 24:

  1. Learn to do a headstand
  2. Take a hot yoga class
  3. Travel home to Florida more than once a year -.-
  4. Visit a North Carolina beach
  5. Reach 100 Etsy sales
  6. Visit the Georgia aquarium
  7. Touch my toes
  8. Finish Anna Karenina
  9. Grow lavender
  10. Wear more dresses
  11. Build a snowman
  12. Read the New Testament from start to finish
  13. Make a cheesecake
  14. Pick up my violin
  15. Enjoy more festivals
  16. Run on the greenway
  17. Ride a bike in the park
  18. Learn how to cook spaghetti squash
  19. Collect more Big Eye art
  20. Reread Lord of the Rings
  21. Attend Wizard World
  22. Make my own cosplay for comic cons
  23. Collect more antique frames for the art I have
  24. Smile often and laugh more




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