Books I Read This Month – July

monthly reads

Or rather…. book I read this month. Is it just me or is time moving much faster than a few months ago? How is it already August 2nd? Anyway, I’m going to apologize in advanced that I only read one book this month (only one!!)  July was such a tough month for school that most of my reading consisted of digestive anatomy and urinary system malfunctions…… I could review those for you all? Just kidding. I’ll spare you the insanity. I did start a couple books this month so next month I promise there will be more! However, the one book I did finish this month was absolutely fantastic & I want everyone to read it because it will make your heart feel so warm & happy. We all need books like that in our life.

1. Attachments, Rainbow Rowell – Of course I was going to read the only Rowell novel I hadn’t read yet. I honestly think Attachments is now my number one Rowell novel right now. The friendship between Beth & Jennifer reminded me much of my own friendship with my person* which is probably why I loved this book so much. You also fall in love with Lincoln despite his slightly creepy obsession with Beth & Jennifer’s emails. At least he admits it’s a little weird, a little wrong. You find yourself secretly cheering for him. Plus he plays Dungeons & Dragons. I will say that this is the one Rowell novel that didn’t just end after something wonderful happen (not really a spoiler because something wonderful always happens in Rowell’s books). Rowell graciously adds one last chapter that makes you smile really big inside, leaving you wanting more but satisfied you at least know what happened. Attachments is everything I needed in a book I didn’t know I needed. Go to Amazon & buy it right now.

*Grey’s Anatomy reference. The Meredith to my Christina ♥

Do you have any book recommendations? If so, leave a comment! ♥♥♥



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