Books I Read This Month- June

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Ok seriously. How is time flying by so fast? It’s already the 2nd of July & I didn’t even realize it! Life has been super crazy lately & I barely find anytime to read except right before I fall asleep… So this month I didn’t have a chance to finish as many books as I had hoped, but I did finish 2 *small cheer*! I’m in the middle of two other books so hopefully I will finish those by August.

1. Landline, Rainbow Rowell – Rowell’s novels are the perfect summer read. Easy, feel-good, & usually fast-paced. Landline did not disappoint! This book describes a marriage that is struggling. No the husband didn’t kill anyone, the wife didn’t scheme her death. The relationship between Georgie & Neal is seemingly typical, as the years go on & they simply grow apart. There’s no cheating, no backstabbing. It was quiet refreshing in all honesty (especially after reading Gone Girl) While I won’t spoil the ending, this novel makes your heart warm even if there is a weird, sci-fi landline phone thrown in the mix……..

2. Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood – I really, really wanted this to be my next favorite series. I love Atwood & I love her writing. The reviews are normally very positive & it’s a dystopian-ish novel so how could I not love it? However, I just could not get into Oryx and Crake as much as I had hoped. While it is a fantastic read, I didn’t find it as good as a read as I did The Handmaid’s Tale. I partially blame my lack of interest in my busy schedule. I believe if my mind didn’t have a billion things running around, I would have loved this novel much more. This story begins in the middle of a situation which kind of threw me off guard and there are tons of flashbacks…  The writing is classic Atwood- beautiful, poetic, & very much stream of consciousness at times. I will definitely read this novel again because I believe it deserves a second chance.

Do you have any book recommendations? If so, leave a comment! ♥♥♥



2 thoughts on “Books I Read This Month- June

    1. I loved your review! Before I tackle The Year of the Flood I’m definitely giving Oryk & Crake another go because I felt like I missed so much the book had to offer.


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