Cold Coffee & Soy Milk Recipe

Most people who know me know I always drink coffee. I blame this on my ever amazing parents who would let me put a teeny-tiny bit of their IMAG0659 (3)coffee into my morning milk when I was like, 5 years old. Then I hit college where everyone has to drink coffee & all hope was lost at that point. What is even worse is I enjoy my coffee sweet (milk, sugar, Bailey’s creamer *non-alcoholic*) which means my body is stacking up all those calories I really can’t burn off (or rather, choose not to…) However, there is one drink that I find the most refreshing & uplifting — this is my go-to summer morning drink, a perfect pair to some warm toast or granola & yogurt or fresh, homemade waffles. It is also SUPER easy to make & low in calories!

Cold Coffee & Soy Milk 

What you need:

  • already brewed coffee (about 6 cups)
  • a glass bottle/container
  • vanilla sweetened soy milk
  • your favorite mug

What you do:

The night before~

  1. After brewing your coffee, let it cool down a little bit before pouring into a glass container. I suggest glass because this keeps the freshest flavor (in my unprofessional opinion). Stick it in the refrigerator. I usually brew about 6 cups because that is enough to fill up my container & last me two days.

The next morning~

  1. Grab your favorite mug, your now cold coffee*, and your soy milk.
  2. I like my coffee strong so I pour about 5/6 coffee & 1/6 soy milk (a 3:1 ratio is suggested).
  3. If you’re like my fiancé & need really sweet coffee, add some raw sugar to your mug before pouring.
  4. Use a spoon or something to stir it (sometimes soy milk can be a little “heavier” than coffee)
  5. Drink up!!

The great thing about this *little* recipe is that it is super versatile. You can brew any flavor of coffee you want, add any flavor of soy milk, or even add any other extra things to make this drink your own. For me personally, I enjoy this plain & simple for the mornings. It gives me the extra caffeine boost to start my day without all the extra calories I would normally get (from drinking an iced coffee or latte) while also cooling me down since it’s like 85 degrees before 10am….

I hope you enjoy! tumblr_inline_nbw74sKyva1snulow


*If you know how to cold-brew coffee, you can do this as well (it would probably even taste better). I, however, do not know how to do that & stick to just making regular hot coffee & refrigerating it.


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