Books I Read This Month – May

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It’s the last day of May! Where in the world did this month go?? I read some pretty interesting books this month and actually the last few months. This month I only managed to finish 3 books, but I wanted to mention 3 others* I read a few months back that I thought were surprisingly good!

may books

1. Dark Places, Gillian Flynn – The hype of “Gone Girl” in the media prompted a lengthy discussion one day at work regarding Gillian Flynn & her novels. So, naturally, while wandering aimlessly around Target, I picked up Dark Places & Gone Girl. I decided to read Dark Places first because, well I’m not sure why. This was my first introduction to Gillian Flynn & I will say I was impressed. Her character development is pretty head on & that final twist (important in “thriller” novels) is almost, but not quite book throwing quality. It’s definitely a fast, thrilling read.

2. Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn – I will admit I did not enjoy Gone Girl as much as I thought I would. While Gone Girl had that same WTFitzgerald  moment like Dark Places, I didn’t really bond with any of the characters. I was always torn between “Oh poor Nick. Oh wait, poor Amy. Oh wait….” Plus reading a really depressing marriage like their marriage isn’t really my thing. It definitely was a page turner & just like Dark Places, I’d recommend it as a filler novel**.

3. *Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell – I was a little hesitant to read these books because I rarely ever venture into the “teen fiction/romance” section, but the cover was super cute so I just had to see what inside. This book took me back to my high school days & it was such a fun read. I surprised myself when I actually cried at one point in the book (a very good indicator that you should probably read this book). The ending was heart wrenching & I just had to know what happened next. I can only hope for a sequel (which is not happening). I would recommend definitely giving this book a chance if you’re in the mood for a good read on a rainy day with a cup of hot tea.

4. *Fan Girl, Rainbow Rowell –  After Eleanor & Park, I was instantly hooked on Rowell’s writing. I was so happy when Fan Girl did not disappoint. While I’m not as hardcore as Cath, I have read my fair share of fan fiction (don’t judge) so I thought it was enjoyable to read about someone who wrote fan fiction. This book was amazing & reminded me of my hermit days in college. In my unprofessional opinion, Rowell’s work flowed effortlessly & it was such an easy, refreshing read. I instantly connected with Cath. Just like Eleanor & Park, I needed the story to continue once I read the last page . I had bonded with these characters & I just had to know what happened next!

5. Insurgent, Veronica Roth – I love dystopian novels. I don’t really know who doesn’t. If you liked Divergent (the book… and movie!), Insurgent is just as good. Like any trilogy, the first books are usually the best. Often times, the remaining two fail to compare with the first. However, that is not the case with Insurgent. This is a solid sequel & Roth does an amazing job building up the story. It took me a while to read Insurgent after I read Divergent, but after I had finished Insurgent, I immediately went out & bought Allegiant!

6. *The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood – Margaret Atwood is queen of dystopian, speculative fiction (not science fiction). This was the first novel I had read of hers & I am officially a fan. While series like The Hunger Games or Divergent are good, The Handmaid’s Tale is sophisticated (in a way). Atwood’s writing is more refined, more calculating, more believable…. I was a bit weary when I picked it up because some label it as “feminist literature”, but in my (again unprofessional) opinion, Atwood doesn’t smash women’s oppression in your face. She uses it to illustrate the bane of humanity, what happens when it’s good versus bad & the bad take over, etc. While it’s a little heavier to read, I definitely flew through this book & would recommend it to anyone!

Exactly how I felt after Eleanor & Park, Fan Girl, & The Handmaid’s Tale.

* Books I read before this month but were really good so I had to include them!

** filler novel: light books to read in between really heavy, emotional, life altering novels (i.e Anna Karenina or A Song of Ice & Fire)

Do you have any book recommendations? If so, leave a comment! ♥♥♥



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